My computer works now.  I had to get a new motherboard, but it's all good now.  I've RMA'd (returned) the board (or will tomorrow).  So I guess I'm up a motherboard I don't need.   It sucked too, because I was only in the middle of three web projects.  Hopefully, I'll be able to knock two fo them out of the way by this weekend.  Because come Sunday, I will be awash in the orgy of NFL Sunday Ticket. 

In the meantime, I will just be repeating the video of Mike Myers doing a triple take at Kanye West when he flips out during the Hurricane Katrina.  Watching Kanye go nuts is cool, but you have to watch the video while staring at Mike Myers.  It shoud be filed in the dictionary under awkward.

 It's going to be okay, Mike.

So, Tuesday night, both my computer and internet connection go down simultaneously.  Good times.  A 9 month old motherboard flat our refuses to boot.  So that should be good.

Anyway, Amber and I are off for a four-day weekend of whitewater rafting in the mountians of West Virginia.  There will camping and fire and hillbillies.  Of potential interest is that I will be releasing another website next week some time, which will be a part of the larger Chris Boylan plan to take over the world.  It will be a small part but an important part nonetheless.  Not as big as the one set for end of the year, however.

My ears are still ringing from Green Day last night.  Jimmy Eat World opened and I remembered why I like them.  Catchy, poppy alt rock. 

Free Baldwin OrganMy sister, Allison sent me this picture and I'm glad to see that the Baldwin brothers are giving back to the community, especially ever since they were killed in South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.  Based on my interactions with the First Aid squad in my town (it's the local voting place and where I took CPR classes in high school), I'm doubting that they understand the sign to be anything other than an advertisment for a keyboard-based musical instrument, but still we laugh. 

I cannot wait for this show to start tonight.  I absolutely cannot wait.  But I will wait until tomorrow because I have to go to sleep early.

Adam Carolla finally gets his own TV show, and it follows the Daily Show at 11:30PM on Comedy Central.  I was a little pissed when Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn got taken off the air, but this might just make up for it. You can view some videos at the Comedy Central Adam Carolla page

Hopefully they have the commercial where Adam explains that he's seen quite a few horses and has seen all of them take dumps, however he has seen thousands of squirrels, but he has never seen one take a dump in his life.