So, I'm a man who used to cut my own hair.  Yup.  Just took a pair of electric clippers and buzzed it to about 1/4" and then got out the vaccum cleaner. 

It was satisfying too.  If I didn't have my goatee (circle beard, technically) I would no longer get to enjoy the satisfaction of making every hair on my head the some length.  It was like mowing a lawn with the same sense of accomplishment.

So, I cut my own hair.  And then I met Amber. 

My Name is Earl Loves HDTVWhile I was totally in love with the concept of My Name is Earl before I heard about it (as well as with the title), I've not been overwhelmed so far.  I like the Crabman and Earl's ex-wife, and find it impossible to not have a man-crush on Jason Lee (I would watch him read a phone book, just to see the eyebrow expressions, especially with his awesome porn mustache), but still the show leaves me wanting more.  It is certainly no Arrested Development (The best comedy.  Ever.)

Nevertheless, I do watch it every week in HD, and was glad to see this picture.

Calm down, it's basically the same as the last one.

You affable and occasionally absentee Web dude is now the afternoon personality for Thunder 106.9.  I am on from 2 to 7 every afternoon, playing music (some country, some not), taking requests, doing wacky phone calls, and working on three station websites.  Good times. 

I first read the news on and part of me thought it couldn't be true.  Then I scuried on over to and read it again.  Everyone's favorite Khazakstani TV journalist Borat is this year's MTV Europe Music Awards host. 

Borat MTV Europe Music Awards Borat did have one request:


Borat: If I host here, can I host in a room with a light?
MTV Europe: Yeah. Everyone gets to host in a room with a light.
Borat: Great success!!!!