Calm down, it's basically the same as the last one.

You affable and occasionally absentee Web dude is now the afternoon personality for Thunder 106.9.  I am on from 2 to 7 every afternoon, playing music (some country, some not), taking requests, doing wacky phone calls, and working on three station websites.  Good times. 

The great news is that I now get to sleep in every day, or more accurately - stay up really late doing stuff I should put off to tomorrow.  Like writing this little thing.  At some point, I hope it leads to me putting a backlog of about 18 months of photos, but I'm not optimistic. 

I have, however, upgraded from Mambo to Joomla - which is the same code, with a different name and better trademark.  I am doing the same for my stations' sites as well which ties up my days, and I'm breaking ladies' hearts, which ties up my nights.  One of those two statements is not true.

 Anyhow, DD is still posting stuff, (see Borat), for which I am greatful.  I am also working another, much bigger project which was supposed to be ready by Nov 1st, but may be pushed back as much as a month because the Army is annoying with all of their orders and stuff.