For those of you who know him, you know what to expect from a Greg Prindle story. Greg is a college friend of mine for whom life is a trial, consisting solely of a parade of demeaning events meant to frustrate him. His only joy is to be known as this guy and to be mentioned when things like that happen to other people. Enjoy, Greg.

Earlier this week, I was fairly sick. I have been sick for the past two weeks, having just recently recieved medical attention. It was a mixture of chest cold, allergies and apparently asthma. Good Times. After Rick and Bubba, I was in the production studio, doing my usual thing when nature called. When you're sick you know to quickly answer that call. (Don't worry, this isn't that type of story. I'll keep it generally unfilthy.)

Many people have wondered what the Speed Limit 17 sign to your left means.  I'm guessing some haven't even noticed.

If you look under the menu to the menu of the page on my 2005 design (I'll probably change it again after awhile -- I also didn't get to make my site all Christmas-y, which is a shame.  Hopefully as my free time expands in the next six months, I'll create themes for all different parts of the year.) -- you'll see a "SPEED LIMIT 17" sign.  Many people think that I faked it, but it is a real picture that I took from the passenger seat of my 2001 Nissan Altima as Amber and I drove across the country. You can view the original as proof.

Marceau, WV - A town stands speechless, their empty top-hat at their feet, after news of another mime fire spread from house to house.

A silent vigil is being held at the town square a mere 72 hours after the mime fire that killed four broke out.  News travels slowly in this small mountain town.

"Answering the phone is a ridiculous ordeal!" Kristin Baker, the 15 year old daughter of one of the mimes who made it out alive.  "Every damn time I answer the phone and its one my Dad's friends, I yell for them to speak.  'I can't see you miming over the phone!'  But it doesn't make a difference.  I have to get out of this place.  I think if I let Tim get to second base, he might let me borrow his car."

This is a quick example of Preppermint. Not sure what that means? Then find out.