I just want to warn everyone right off the bat that this is not a metaphor or something.  I actually like the smell of boogers.  I suspect it comes from the same place where you like your own farts, but not those of others - but I don't hear people talking about this as much, so maybe not.

I am currently entering about day 6 of a cold/flu - it started off weak, but then gathered strength over the weekend, much like the Nor'easter that dropped two feet of snow on my parents' (and my childhood) home.  Every time I get sick, I make the same observations about being sick, but I'm too sick to write them down.  Soon, I forget them and then rediscover them when I get re-sick.  It's my own personal Memento.

One of the most exhilarating parts of being sick is that moment - it comes every two hours or so - that you're not expecting.  It sneaks up on you and seconds before it happens you realize it is happening and all is good - until you realize what actually just took place.

We try again Monday. It looks like we are ready to go tomorrow.  We froze the code and were ready for launch today, but we forgot to setup the database on the production server, so that was today. 

Tomorrow (Sunday) we should be ready to kick off the Alpha.  I've gotten a few emails from interested parties and I will send you more info when we're up.  We'll have to create your login and password ourselves as the user profile stuff isn't ready yet - but the cool stuff should be. 

I want to reiterate that this is an Alpha release - so stuff will be broken.  Mostly stuff we haven't gotten to yet.  It's tough to do this when your full-time job and your partner's full-time job make it so you can only meet on weekends.  Throw in Playoff football and you can see how nothing gets accomplished.

For long-term readers of the site, you may recognize the name Kevork.  Back when I worked on the the Rocky Allen Showgram in it's first go-round in afternoons at WPLJ in New York, Kevork was the man-on-the-street and the holder of the chair that I some day wanted to sit in.  Eventually, I kinda did, but in Detroit.  You can hear some examples of my street stuff and bits in my audio section.

Well, Kevork disappeared for awhile, we think to France, and no one heard from him.  Which was funny, because this page of a Kevork hobby on my old site (sort of broken, but still viewable) ended up being the second search result on google for George Guldalian, his real name. 

Where is he now? On the Food Network, Wednesday January 11th at 10PM...

No, I'm not dead.  I'm actually in the final stages of something else I've been working on. Well, more like the final stages of the pre-beginning.  But with a little luck, I'll have a link to it in about two weeks.  I think it's gonna be pretty damn cool, but nowhere as cool as Pandora.

Do you like music? 

  1. No. -- Then you're dead.  Sorry about that.
  2. Yes. -- Then you have to check out Pandora.com.

If you don't know what the Musical Genome Project is about, then check out this NPR story.  Then go to Pandora.com and enter a few of your favorite bands.  Then sit back as the player starts suggesting music you might like.  And not just links to buy them, but you get to hear the actual songs streaming on your computer.