We try again Monday. It looks like we are ready to go tomorrow.  We froze the code and were ready for launch today, but we forgot to setup the database on the production server, so that was today. 

Tomorrow (Sunday) we should be ready to kick off the Alpha.  I've gotten a few emails from interested parties and I will send you more info when we're up.  We'll have to create your login and password ourselves as the user profile stuff isn't ready yet - but the cool stuff should be. 

I want to reiterate that this is an Alpha release - so stuff will be broken.  Mostly stuff we haven't gotten to yet.  It's tough to do this when your full-time job and your partner's full-time job make it so you can only meet on weekends.  Throw in Playoff football and you can see how nothing gets accomplished.

Hopefully, the hard stuff is behind us and we spent enough time worrying about scalability that if this takes off, we'll be able to handle it.  I know that's not the case, but we can dream.  In reading about the beginnings of Friendster, MySpace and Digg - the biggest problem they had is in growing too fast.  That's a problem we'd love to have.

Keep sending in emails if you want to join what was once a Release Candidate, but became a Beta and is now an Alpha.  All hail the future!