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Many people have wondered what the Speed Limit 17 sign to your left means.  I'm guessing some haven't even noticed.

If you look under the menu to the menu of the page on my 2005 design (I'll probably change it again after awhile -- I also didn't get to make my site all Christmas-y, which is a shame.  Hopefully as my free time expands in the next six months, I'll create themes for all different parts of the year.) -- you'll see a "SPEED LIMIT 17" sign.  Many people think that I faked it, but it is a real picture that I took from the passenger seat of my 2001 Nissan Altima as Amber and I drove across the country. You can view the original as proof.

I took the picture as we exited off the Oklahoma Turnpike (or something similar - it was a toll highway in OK).  The weird thing about the highway was that you paid the full toll halfway down the highway and then you got a refund if you got off early. 

Well, we needed gas, so we got off at the next exit.  Since Oklahoma is sparse, to put it nicely, we drove for about 20 miles before getting off.  When we got there, the exit ramp was under construction.  Since so few people used the ramp, the on and off lanes to the toll booth were the same lane.  Right near the toll both was this sign.  Why not just 15 MPH?  It struck us as bizarre, but we figured it was that way for a reason.

And 18 months later, we now know why.

Okla. engineer posts 17 mph speed limit