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Amber and I are off to only the second concert we have bought tickets for since moving to Fayetteville.  To see whom, you ask?

Muse, of course.

I thoroughly expect my head to explode from how great this concert is going to be.  Too bad that will make going to work and getting up at 4:30 in the morning somewhat difficult, especially since I will have nowhere to put my contacts or a good way to center my T-shirt neckhole ove my headless torso.  Still, rock on.

If you haven't heard, Mitch Hedberg passed away yesterday.  He was a really good stand-up comic, kind of in the mold of Steven Wright, with bizzarre one-liners.  You can read a few Mitch Hedberg quotes for yourself and see what I mean.

It pretty much sucks because he really made me laugh.  However, the good news is that since he's dead, I can steal his act.

A bit of quick business, as the Wire has been oh so thankfully renewed for a fourth season.  Apparently it will focus more on the mayoral race and the rising power of Mario, the remaining major drug dealer.  It's going to be a year until it is seen again, but it will be well worth the wait.

On another note, I have become increasingly fascinated by the writing of Malcolm Gladwell.  I just recently finished reading his book, Tipping Point - which I found fascinating and have reserved his recent release, Blink.  I then was listening to a pretty decent interview on this recent book over at IT Conversations.  If you have a few mintues, try reading this article on his site for a quick look into what he writes and talks about.