I cannot wait for this show to start tonight.  I absolutely cannot wait.  But I will wait until tomorrow because I have to go to sleep early.

Adam Carolla finally gets his own TV show, and it follows the Daily Show at 11:30PM on Comedy Central.  I was a little pissed when Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn got taken off the air, but this might just make up for it. You can view some videos at the Comedy Central Adam Carolla page

Hopefully they have the commercial where Adam explains that he's seen quite a few horses and has seen all of them take dumps, however he has seen thousands of squirrels, but he has never seen one take a dump in his life.

Now maybe I'll stop having to download tons of Loveline MP3s to get my Adam Carolla fix.  He may be the funniest man in the country.  Throw in that he may be replacing Howard Stern in L.A. and the West Coast means... well, something.  But I almost have a man crush on him he's so funny.

Needless to say, it has gotten Season Pass on the TiVo.