The title to this post is funnier if you say it Jerry Seinfeld stizz.

Big Fish Monday Aug. 1, 2005 shows Duncan Rooke, 32, left and Stephen Buss, 30, as they haul in a record-breaking catfish in the River Ebro, near Barcelona in Spain on July 6, 2005. The 7ft 7in, 212lb female fish is the biggest freshwater catch ever made by a British angler and nearly pulled 32-year-old gas engineer Rooke back into the river once he had hold of her. After weighing the fish and burping her to get rid of the air in her stomach she was released.

But seriously, what's the deal with all the fish?  I think fish are pretty gross.  Both tasting and looking.  I've always hated that the best compliment fish can receive is that it doesn't taste like fish.  If I want something to taste like chicken I'm going to go with chicken. 

 Here's the link to the new RENT trailer.  Now most of you may not give a hoot about it, but I first saw the play in '99.  I was 17 and thought no one could possibly understand how tough life was.  Then I saw this play with my classmates and the teacher that I would replace some 5 years later.  (PS he just got 6 months rather than 3 years and will be able to work with children.)  And after I saw what it was like to be them, I realized, "Hey!  At least I'm not these guys!"  It comes out on November 11th. 


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PS Did anyone else catch Letterman from Monday?  Dave gave Lance Armstrong a basket to put on the front of his bike that said "7 time winner" to match the beaded seat cover (that taxi drivers use) Lance got on his first appearance.