From the Found by Erik Jaeger Dept. --

 "Amabuddy is a free price checking service. When you are at a store, call 888-WE SIGNAL, enter the ISBN code (above the barcode), and an automated voice will tell you the current price on Amazon. Next time you are at a computer, go to the site, enter your number and it will take you directly to amazon for purchase."

That's cool.  So you now know even at the store what you could be paying online.  Plus you can find the price of a book you find at the library too.

From the Found by Shawn Polito Dept. -- 

Try on Gap jeans, get a free iTunes song

From the I watch TV every morning from 6 to 10AM Dept. --

Darla HaunDarla Haun is the unnaturally perky and hapy host of the Ab Lounge infomercial.   She looks like this:

With some spare time (shocking) I was able to look deeper into her career.  Mostly because I thought I remembered her from something else.  I was wrong.

Check out the last line in her resume.  Yes, this beautiful fitness model/actress can burp on cue