Free Baldwin OrganMy sister, Allison sent me this picture and I'm glad to see that the Baldwin brothers are giving back to the community, especially ever since they were killed in South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.  Based on my interactions with the First Aid squad in my town (it's the local voting place and where I took CPR classes in high school), I'm doubting that they understand the sign to be anything other than an advertisment for a keyboard-based musical instrument, but still we laugh. 

While growing up, especially since I got to high school and my siblings got old enough to appreciate irony and stupidity, I'd have to say that it made me enjoy my home town all the more.  Long Hill Township, NJ is a weird place.  I went to middle school in a building where we weren't allowed to use the front classrooms because the supporting wall was buckling outward and supported by wooden braces.  You see, we couldn't afford it since we were classified as one of the wealthier districts in NJ.  We also couldn't drink the lead filled water.  Or play soccer in the town, since EVERY SINGLE ATTEMPT TO IMPROVE THE TOWN WAS VOTED DOWN BY ANGRY SENIOR CITIZENS!!!! 

But I'm not bitter. 

Follow-up: Since I've moved away, most of the angry seniors have died or forgotten what they were angry about, and the new influx of families with kids has allowed the town to build a new town hall, athletic fields, and a library to replace the one built in 1904.  It's really quite nice now.  Glad I'm in North Carolina to enjoy it.

Still not bitter.