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My computer works now.  I had to get a new motherboard, but it's all good now.  I've RMA'd (returned) the board (or will tomorrow).  So I guess I'm up a motherboard I don't need.   It sucked too, because I was only in the middle of three web projects.  Hopefully, I'll be able to knock two fo them out of the way by this weekend.  Because come Sunday, I will be awash in the orgy of NFL Sunday Ticket. 

In the meantime, I will just be repeating the video of Mike Myers doing a triple take at Kanye West when he flips out during the Hurricane Katrina.  Watching Kanye go nuts is cool, but you have to watch the video while staring at Mike Myers.  It shoud be filed in the dictionary under awkward.

 It's going to be okay, Mike.

In a big pile of mildly related that only my brother cares about, if Eli Manning was entering his third year, the Giants would be going 11-5 this year.  However, he isn't, and neither will they.  I figure they'll be 9-7 with an outside shot at the playoffs.  The extra home game will help (The Giants will host the Saints next week since the Superdome is an overflowing Port-a-John).  They'll win 6 of 9 versus - 

Sep 11 - vs. Arizona, 4:15 PM
Sep 19 - at New Orleans, 7:30 PM
Oct 2 - vs. St. Louis, 1:00 PM
Oct 16 - at Dallas, 1:00 PM
Oct 23 - vs. Denver, 4:15 PM
Oct 30 - vs. Washington, 1:00 PM
Nov 6 - at San Francisco, 4:05 PM
Dec 4 - vs. Dallas, 1:00 PM
Dec 24 - at Washington, 1:00 PM

They'll win 2 of 4 versus - 

Sep 25 - at San Diego, 8:30 PM
Nov 27 - at Seattle, 4:15 PM
Dec 17 - vs. Kansas City, 5:00 PM
Dec 31 - at Oakland, 8:00 PM

And win one of these three - 

Nov 13 - vs. Minnesota, 1:00 PM
Nov 20 - vs. Philadelphia, 1:00 PM 
Dec 11 - at Philadelphia, 4:05 PM

Notice how all the easy games come early?  Watch them go 6-2 out of the gate and people will go nuts about Eli.  Then they hit the bad November stretch and they'll say that the team is awful.  In the end, they'll be a real good 9-7 and maybe win a first round playoff game.  Eli will have a lot of yards, but not a good TD/INT ratio - Plaxico Burress will be disappointing, but not bad - the running game will be top 5 in the NFL - the defense will get opportunistic turnovers.


Alright, after thinking about the turnovers, they may be a weak 11-5 team, just by opportunistic turnovers, but they don't make it out of the second round.  The secondary will save Eli's butt at least twice with INTs.  They've got some ball hawks out there finally. 

So, there you go, Brendan.  Enjoy.