Sorry DD, you are right, I did not properly acknowledge your birthday this Wednesday. On Wednesday, June 18th, my sister, Deirdre, turned - if my math is right - 22 years old. I hope that this public admission of my forgetfulness will in some way abate her looming explosion via telephone. However, she is unaware of one thing that is in my favor. I'm changing both my cell and home phone number this week, and she will be unable to contact me. Check. Mate.
In addition, we plan to be available on the web in the near future. I am in charge of our website As you can tell, it needs some work, and I hope to have it at least cleaned up by launch. Since I am also in charge of streaming audio - I can guarantee that it won't be available for at least a month. However, as soon as it gets done - it will be posted here. Now you know why I haven't been able to post any new pictures or update this site recently. I've been working about 12 hours a day, which should slow down in the next few weeks. I still haven't moved though. That comes Saturday. My new phone number is available if you email me. More info to follow. I'm tired now.
At this point I am one carload away from having moved all of my stuff to my new apartment. New for me that is. The apartment itself is older than myself and my soon to be former residence. My computer will be up and all sorts of web fun will begin. Ill put links to the other sites Im designing here and on the links page later this week. I just got my DSL working, so I will be able again to update this page and others like it. yay for you, yay for me. At least I was off long enough to make sure that the few people who actually do visit my site never come back again.
I'm nearing the completion of the rough dimensions of the two new sites I'm designing. I will need feedback if that's at all possible. On Monday or Tuesday I will post the links here so you can check them out. Remember though, they are rough designs and should be viewed as such. Mostly what I need though is how they look on different browsers and at different speeds. Your patience in my slow site updating is appreciated.