Well, apparently things are up and working now on my fancy new website. It has begun after many a false start. That is not to say by any means that it is finished. In all likelihood, it will never be finished - not so much due to procrastination as to being a perfectionist. On the wall next to the computer I have a list of (now) 12 things I want to do to it in the short term. If you have any ideas, comments, criticisms - they would be greatly appreciated. Please email me here or just reply below this post. Thanks for visting. I promise there will be more soon.


As an unemployed young man (not yet 25), I have had more than my lot of spare time. As I fill it with tasks such as starting this site, I am drawn to things that fill me with any sort of inspiration - anything to stop me from realizing that A) I have no source of income other than the State of Michigan and 2) how it is not enough to stem the monthly bleeding that is my bills. For some reason, my mind has seized upon the notion that I enjoy gambling. It is fun and may even make you rich. (I realize this is not true.) For what reason does my feeble brain think this? I have no idea. But if you are interested in playing a game of low-money Texas hold-'em, please email me, and come on over. I have nothing but time, a pack of cards and nice poker chip holder my grandfather made.
Still working on the site. I think I'm gonna change the font to Arial, which would have been remarkably easy if I had used style sheets to start. Lesson learned.

I have posted three clips to the audio page. They are mp3s of bits I produced or in the case of Lunatic Lotto, times in which I was the "street guy". I have many more here at home, but if I posted them all, then what else would I have to offer in the future? Since I am an talentless hack - nothing.

More updates to come.

P.S. I greatly appreciate the comments and emails. Since my webstats aren't working right now, I have no idea how often it is being viewed.

Well, not much to report on yet, but it looks like I may be shortly selling my condo. Let it be known that on Friday April 25, I was unemployed and owned a condo I couldn't afford (let the record also show that I still like the place, just that I can't afford it - being unemployed and unw***ing to work in Detroit(sub-note: in order to keep receiving unemployment, I must actually be willing to work anywhere there's a job)). Anyway, I hope shortly for there to be changes in both situations. And a spectactular draft for the New York Football Giants.

P.S. Amber brought a camera over, so there shall soon be pictures of my fixed up place. (For those of you who don't know, Amber is the woman I keep under heavy sedation so that she has no option other than to be my girlfriend).