This evening, The New Jersey Devils take on the Anaheim Mighty Ducks in one of the greatest events in sport - Game 7 of the StanleyCup Finals. I have no idea how this one is going to turn out, as the first two games were Devils shutouts, the next two were Ducks defensively dominated (3d's, huh?) and then games five and six were blowouts on the scoreboard. The only constant so far has been the home team has won every game. This bodes well as New Jersey is home tonight. 8PM on ABC for one hell of a game that only comes around every few years. On a sad note, I found an apartment on Saturday that looked like it was a winner. The guy took over a week to getting around to showing us the place, so we figured we were okay. Just to be sure, after making sure we could afford it, I called Sunday afternoon to tell him we were interested. He calls back this morning to tell us that he rented it out Sunday morning. Damn you! Damn you all to hell! Well at least I can drown my sorrows in High Definition Hockey.
Yes, it's cliche, but it's Queen - so shut up. The New Jersey Devils are Stanley Cup Champions, and I am a happy Panda. I am somewhat surprised that all of North America did not hear me scream upon the first goal (which I thought didn't have a chance). Not much else to say about it, other than it was a great event, a shutout in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and a close game until the last 3 1/2 minutes. Just the way I would have wanted it. For those of you who think I always get what I want, I realized this earlier. Record of my favorite teams (Giants, Devils, Yankees) in Finals that I don't attend (series): 9-0 Record of my favorite teams in Finals when I attend (series): 0-3. Don't get me wrong, nine is a lot, but still.
Although I am currently exhausted, it is no excuse for factual mistakes on my part. This is especially the case when I am describing events that I have actually attended in person. For instance, the 2000 World Series, which the Yankees won - I attended in person. Also, the 2001 World Series, which I did not attend - The Yankees lost. Well played Greg... well played. Secondly, if you have any access to the channel entitled "BBC America" - I beg of you to tune in all this week. "The Office", one of the funniest TV shows I have seen in quite awhile (also see "Andy Richter Controls the Universe and Scrubs) - is repeating the first season Monday through Friday at 10PM. I assure you that it will be worth your time. Much in the same way, I heartily encourage the viewing of "The Wire" on HBO. This show is the best crime/cop drama I have ever seen. Spectactular writing, superb acting - it's all there. Now you may be saying, "Hey Chris! You seem to be praising shows left and right. How can I trust your criticism?" To reply, first - stop talking to your computer. Second, I am terribly critical of television shows, as most of them suck. However, when a rare good one sneaks through, I feel that I must point it out. In fact, I think I may shortly devote a section of this site to television reviews. We'll see if I have the time.
Sorry for the infrequent updates, but as I have said, I am very busy. I am currently designing two other websites as well as other technical things and will be remarkably busy for the next few weeks. I will still post to the Blog every other day (hopefully), but my new pictures and design changes are probably going to be a month off or so. As I explained earlier, this is compounded with my move to an apartment across town in 10 days, so I have to get ready for that as well. P.S. Hope you're checking out "The Office"