Tonight, 8PM CBS
I'm off to go play poker this fine evening, so wish me well. Secondly, the site should begin transferring over to the new server tonight, so there will be connection issues for the next 2-3 days. I'll be sure to post something new and fancy when it's done.
I'm close to completing the move over to the new server. It all seems to be functioning fairly decently, but I still have to pretty it up. That should happen tomorrow. On a side note - I have noticed a trend, but I cannot decide if it is good or a sign of trouble. About a mile from my apartment, there are two gas stations on opposite corners of a major intersection. They obviously compete for much business. However, the competition has recently reached a new low that dirty old men around town appreciate greatly (and as I mentioned, i cannot decide if I am one of them). Every weekend, one of the stations holds a car wash under the pretention of doing it for charity. The workers? About two dozen fit and bikini-clad high schoolers. I believe the term is "jail-bait". And it's just not fair. Everything in me says that to find them attractive is wrong and dirty. At the same time, I slow down a little bit when passing the station. It's just wrong. I was going to take pictures for the site, but I would have been arrested.
I'm cleaning up the blog section of the site, so that's why it looks a bit weird. I've also lost the link back to my main page, so if you want to get there, Click Here. As I have indicated many times before, I am working on a new design. If you have any requests as to what you would like to see, Email me or just reply. I was thinking about a message board, but that may just be pathetic.