They randomly and without warning demand a signature in person for some packages and do not let you waive that requirement. They also never give you a delivery time. Thus, sometimes you are basically forced to take a day off to get anything delivered. Thus, I had to drive out 20 minutes each way to pick up a package I had "delivered". I hate UPS. FedEx allows you to sign a waiver, which means that they can leave stuff at a pre-determined location even if it requires signature, because you have waived any right to claim damages. I am willing to take that chance in exchange for actually having things delivered. I hate UPS. UPS - the delivery company for the unemployed and homebound. If you're wondering why this anger now, I had to drive to Hope Mills, NC to pick up Amber's belated Christmas present. The new site thing may actually be a go by this weekend, as I am making decent progress. It will be a soft launch, with me foolign with it for a week or two, followed by a Grand Re-opening with prizes and such. Fancy, eh?
Yes! I've got the comments thing to work in its entirety, but it keeps posting the comments link at the top of articles, not the bottom. That may take a day of research, followed by figuring how to move over the current content, and some minimal design, but I see no real reason for it not to go live this week. I could have done it today, but instead of leaving everyone with a weird mess, I decided to wait a few days and launch more hardcore later. My only regret is that the new site will not be XHTML/CSS compliant. It is a lame, table driven hodgepodge, but that will not be changing in the near future. mambo seems to be moving in that direction, but it will probably take at least a year before it gets there. Oh, well. Such is progress. By the way, is anyone watching Huff on Showtime? I really like that show and I'm not hearing much buzz on it at all, probably because it's not on HBO. However, it's clearly better than the Carnivale crap-fest that's currently on.
Hey, I'll be all lame and stuff tonight on the Monk and Dave wacky internet radio show. Check out for details.
Well, at least using movable type anyways. Tomorrow, I'm going to flip over my site if I can get two or three little bugs worked out. As a result, the site will be in all sorts of error message hell for awhile. It's probably best that you don't check it out, because it will just be confusing and unsatisfying (not that a visit here is ever anything but). Just to point out though, my old pages (except the main page) will remain. If you want to visit the blog, go to To visit the forum, go to My audio page will still be up at And so on, until I move over all the content. It should take a few weeks. As a last story, I met a man I never thought I would meet, especially down here in Fayetteville. For his protection, I will not disclose his exact location. I was doing a remote at a car dealership down here this afternoon, when a man that I did not recognize came in to buy a car. He talked to a salesman for awhile, and I think agreed to buy a car when they shook hands and he started to leave. Being a wacky radio guy, I yelled down to him to stop on by and have some free pizza, which we were giving away. He looked confused for a minute, and then politely declined. I persisted, at which point he said "no" and began to walk away. Another salesman came over to me to get some pizza, and then dropped this bomb: "You know that guy's, like famous or something?" "No. Who is it?" "He used to be a baseball manager." I still couldn't place the face. "What's his name?" "Grady Little." "HOLY S**T! That's Grady Little! What the hell is he doing in this (little town an hour outside of Fayetteville)? Wait. I know. He's hiding from Red Sox fans." For those of you who are lost, check out these Bill Simmons columns: Paradise Lost, again. Paradise Lost, postscript. Mailbag. In short, Grady Little was the manager of the Boston Red Sox during the 2003 ALCS. He (for reasons still unknown) decided to leave Pedro Martinez in the deciding game WAY too long - despite the fact that every viewer and fan in America knew Pedro was done. As Bill Simmons says, we didn't second-guess him, we first-guessed him. As a result, the Yanks tied the game and went on to win on an Aaron Boone home run in the 11th, to go to the World Series where they lost to the Marlins. If the Sox did not win this year, he may have begun to replace Bill Buckner as the focus of Boston's rage and the keeper of the Curse of the Bambino. Well, now he's hiding out in NC, but maybe not for long as after people read this, he may need to relocate again. Good Times! P.S. The Simmons links are via The Wayback Machine aka the Internet Archive. It is a site that saves a ton of pages on the internet and allows you to browse them. It comes in real handy when site goes down or some tool like ESPN starts charging for access to its archives. If you ever find a link to a page that used to be free but is no longer, get the old link and search for it on the archive. That along with Google's cached feature are a godsend.