Airing on Thursdays at 8PM on CBS, The Amazing Race(hereafter referred to as The Race), is a contest between a dozen pairs (Father/Son, Married, friends, etc.) as they race around the world, trying to overcome various obstacles. For instance, they are released from their hotel in India with only $80. -- They must find some way to get to some unpronounceable city 12 hours away by train, at which point -- they hunt down a cab to take them to the town market. From there, -- they must find the outdoor laundry area, -- pick up a bag of marked clothes and -- wash them amongst the filth and teeming masses -- until they find a cloth with the clue to their next location. At the end of every show, one team is eliminated (except for a few random trips, when no one is eliminated - but the contestants do not know this until they arrive at the finish). This is simply a spectactular concept, and it is executed to near perfection. The Race doesn't choreograph its moves way in advance like some shows, nor does it spend all of its time tricking you into expecting a different outcome than what actually unfolds. Well done. Thursday nights at 8 on CBS. I'll talk more about the actual episodes later in the week.
Well, it appears I've entered into the world of Google for the search term "chris boylan" - space included. I currently am ranked 147th of all pages containing the phrase Chris Boylan. Does this mean anything? No. Does it fascinate me? Yes. Is it pathetic that the guy who owns ranks only 147th amongst internet Chris Boylans? Yes.
All is well with the world. In two weeks, I'll get to see the Giants take on the Patriots (I believe) in the glorious debut of Sunday Night Football on ESPN High Definition. Football plus HD makes Chris a happy camper. Big Blue Interactive
Have you ever had trouble getting to this site? Like how it wouldn't load, or it would, but only after a long wait? Well, soon no more. Chris Boylan .com is moving to a new server some time in the next week. The change should be fairly transparent, but the blog may disappear for a short period. Rest assured that it will return as quickly as possible. Please (but only for a short time) find some other means to entertain yourself. I know it will be hard, but we will pull together and stand tall. Strength! P.S. The Amazing Race is on Thursday. Tune in.