The Devils lost, sending the Eastern Conference Finals to a sixth game, where the Devils will again have a chance to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. I drove home (to Michigan) and arrived safely, but tired. My trip home (to Jersey) netted for me three back checks that will probably finance the purchase of stuff I don't need: Item #1 -- a TurboNet card for TiVo. This will give me an ethernet connection to my TiVo, which will let me hack it properly, giving it call-waiting display and (dare I attempt to be in violation of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act?) extract video. Plus I took pictures of my stops in Niagara Falls and some other stuff. However, I'm too tired to make this a real post with witticisms and potential insight, so you'll have to do with this for now. I suspect more will follow in the next day.
That's right. This is out of character. However, the background of the story makes the cockles of your heart warm. You see, Chris is a ruthlessly cheap bastard. However, his girlfriend (the lovely Amber) is not. She gets her hair colored every few months at a price that send Chris into the fetal position crying. When he combines the thought of setting fire to money in such a ridiculous way with the sheer volume of shoes she owns, he begins to doubt whether she is actually human, or just a cold, emotionless jumble of wires and resistors hell-bent on broke-assery. So Chris, in an effort to get more of his dinners/movies paid for by Amber (see above ruthless cheapness) has attempted to reduce her spending and increase the money available to spend on him. However, she likes to look fancy - so Chris had to sacrifice something in return to even out the deal. Thus, we surrendered our hair autonomy to each other. The hopeful result... Chris gets a girlfriend who becomes so flush in money that she begins spending it willy-nilly - on him.
I have a remarkable tendency to use words that are a bit out of the ordinary and to explain things in a superfluous manner. A plethora of words when few will do. So sue me. However, for those who try to read my ramblings but are turned off by the words, I have added a new feature. To the right of this entry, you will see a new selection under the TOOLS section. Just highlight any word on this page, then click the words Click Here. You should be linked to the definition of the term you highlighted at Fancy, huh?
I nearly made my HDTV (the center of my universe) completely worthless. While playing with the color decoder by hooking it up to my computer, my whole place lost power. It is not wise to be reprogramming its EEPROM (the RAM ((like a computer's RAM)) where the TV's instructions are stored. As in, "What should I do after my power button is pressed?") when you lose power. Thus, when power was restored (and after a loss of two pounds of flop sweat) I turned it back on. The result was, in a word, heartstopping. A $2,000 TV that I saved years to buy now looked as if the top right corner of the screen had been peeled back like the stay-fresh cover on a can of peanuts. Imagine, if you will, taking your TV, breaking it diagonaly from the top left to the bottom right, and then curling the top part backwards until the top right corner was behind the middle of the screen. Now sit down and watch it. Truly a sight to see. Upon further reflection... I see no reason why anyone would care about my TV. I got it fixed after much consternation. Still, if I only wrote stuff people would care about, then I would have never started this site.