Nevertheless, upon viewing this movie (which I had presumed would be good and simple like Hughes's others) I was utterly confused. IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT - DO NOT READ ON.

For what reason on earth did Duckie (Jon Cryer) simply give away Molly Ringwald at the end? A quick recap - Blane (Andrew McCarthy) is rich, and embarrassed to love the poor Molly (character name forgotten). Blane rescinds his offer to the prom, leaving her without a date. Molly, determined, shows up at the prom anyway to face him. Duckie (the guy who has been in love with her and plainly stating so for the past 8 years) shows up as well so she won't be alone. Once inside, Molly finds Blane - he apologizes - and Duckie tells her to go "get him", giving up his chance at love so that some bastard could take his woman instead. What is his possible motivation? Yes, he gets a token blond at the end as his just reward for being the good guy - but why did he give up Molly, going so far as to encourage her to pursue the other guy?

Well, I understand that this is an idiotic thought about an old movie. However, I spent two hours watching this piece of crap expecting an easy payoff. I got nothing. Pretty much the same feeling anyone visiting this site would get.

Some wonderful news in the "Is Chris Boylan Going to Be Broke?" Department. Yesterday evening, I sold my condo. Come June 30th, I will no longer be held under the oppressive fist of the Countrywide Home Loan Corporation. In addition, it's a pay week from the Bureau of Workers Unemployment Compensation -- so it is all good times here in Michigan. The weather is beautiful (late April/early May is the good weather period of Michigan. I will also give an encouraging nod to late September/early October) and I am apparently sick. Apparently, there is a water making gland in the back of my nose, and when I lean over, it leaks out like a drippy faucet. The more disturbing part is that this outcome is preferable, considering the alternative means it rolls down your throat. I'm gonna go lay down.
  1. Spanish Prisoner -- A spectactular David Mamet mystery/thriller. I love Mamet (i.e. Glengarry Glen Ross, The Edge, The Heist), and he gets it done here by creating a twisting movie like The Usual Suspects - except this one actually makes sense the second time around.
  2. Kingpin -- Bill Murray and the worst hairdo of all time in a bowling movie. Not much more is needed.
  3. Hart's War -- Alright, well it wasn't a perfect evening, but it was in high definition and I hadn't seen it. It was passable.
The worst part was that I had rented Auto Focus earlier in the morning expecting a bad run. At least it was a free rental. Now I have to watch it tomorrow while also heading to the track to bet on a Kentucky derby simulcast. It's a busy life, and I'm just the man to do it.
Quite often, when I am alone for periods of time, I start to get the feeling that not only am I alone physically, but I am alone on a far greater scale. I am alone spiritually and the void will never be filled. That there is no one in this world who will ever understand me... with whom I can connect. I can honestly say that I never felt this so strongly as I did this evening, when God called me up collect and said, "Chris -- You're alone in this world." and then hung up. Well, at least he got my name right this time.