At least I won. (Giants over Titans) You see, a month ago I bought a plane ticket for my sister's college graduation. Unfortunately, her college graduation is actually a week later than I thought it was. So, I bought a ticket for which I had no need (Yes, I rewrote that so it wouldn't end with a preposition). It was nonrefundable and the change fee basically knocked out its value. Thus, Chris the Unemployed is out $200. But that's okay. Its not like I have some sort of negative cash flow thing going on. So here's to driving to Jersey! I saw that Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme are leaving the West Wing. I've been watching my Sports Night DVDs in mourning. There will be more bitterness on that later.
I don't know why, but this fascinated me. Click here for the time. I also got around to editing the blog template, so it should look a little more like it fits in the site. What do you think? Either comment or contact me - at my newly fixed contact page
Somehow, despite the fact I am unemployed and must make a telephone call to an automated phone system every other week to justify my check, I have recently been overcome by the urge to consume, to purchase, to make myself poor through gluttony. Even though I do not have a job, I see the main obstacle to my happiness not my lack of a job (which I rather enjoy), but my lack of certain commercial goods. I actually started to list them, but the concept of listing a bunch of electronics I want just seemed so pathetic and unseemly (I don't like using unseemly and seem(ed) so closely together, but I'm really tired). Nevertheless, I still think that watching my orderly life plan unravel before my eyes should at least make me unsettled. However, it has not. It only gives me enough spare time to properly investigate what crap I need to purchase. Unfortunately, the very same reason I have the time to investigate these products is the reason that I can't afford them. So it goes.
Apparently people like to waste money just like me as evidenced by the replies to the last entry. Good to know. As for now, I haven't been able to write much as I am in Conneticut for my sister's college graduation. She will matriculate from Quinnipiac University this Saturday (not sure if you matriculate or matriculate from - but I liked the word, so it stays). There have been a bevy of happenings - dentist, drive through Canada, pictures of Niagara Falls, fight with a Maori warrior for the soul of the forest, etc. Plus, the Devils are now up 2-1 in the Conference Finals and looking good. But until Tuesday, I won't have time to type. Until then, you must find other forms of entertainment. Well, not "other", becaue that implies that this is entertaining.