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I'm Sick

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<p>I decided to celebrate my new financial freedom the old fashioned way - I got sick. It started as a bit of a runny nose, then progressed rather quickly to a nasal infection/post-nasal drip (which of course led to an extremely sore throat). Now, I seem to have kicked the most of it, but am still fighting off the remnants of the evil. The side effects have been that ...
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Happy Birthday to Me!

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<p>Today is my birthday. I completed my 25th year on this planet at some point earlier this morning (I think at 9:19 AM, but that time is probably only a result of my parents making up a time so that I'd stop asking them about it.) and I feel only about a day older than I did yesterday. </p>

<p>I find it a bit odd that I ...
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<p>Some wonderful news in the "Is Chris Boylan Going to Be Broke?" Department. Yesterday evening, I sold my condo. Come June 30th, I will no longer be held under the oppressive fist of the Countrywide Home Loan Corporation. In addition, it's a pay week from the Bureau of Workers Unemployment Compensation -- so it is all good times here in Michigan. The weather is beautiful (late April/early May is the ...
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New Pictures

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<p>There are some new pictures on the <a href="">images</a> page, proudly displaying my condo pre-renovations. Also, the home page has my favorite Frank's Pizza picture. That's it for now, but I have some post-renovation pictures in development.</p><p>On a non-site note: Believe it or not, I just saw <i>Pretty in Pink</i> for the first time. For those of you who have been living under the same rock as I, <i>Pretty ...
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Dov Davidoff

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<p>Anybody heard of this guy? I saw him on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and he was pretty funny. He dropped one joke about Michael Jackson that I shall repeat, but only after the disclaimer that I don't actually endorse pedophilia. (That was just for those who are unfamiliar with humor.) (Also, I will use quotes, yet paraphrase - because I'm too lazy to rewind the TiVo.)</p>

<p>"You know, ...
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Christmas Question

hey sorry to keep annoying yall! this is kinda bugging me. i watch a lot of tv and most shows are american anyway my question. why do u guys say happy holidays instead of like merry christmas? uve been watching a host of christmasy tv shows and every time its happy holidays i have yet to here merry christmas. its all happy holidays its really frustrating because i dunno why this is! so if there ...
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hey its me again! I just thought i'd talk to u about sports. last wednesday i was playing for my college at rugby! this is kinda like ur football without all the pussy safety equipment. any hoot, i was running down the field with the ball in my hand when a 320 pound guy who played in the recent world cup planted a punch on my pretty pretty face. as a result my jaw is ...
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chris boylans(the irish one!)

ok it really early but i've had an idea other chris boylan i think i'm gonna set up and then u can try and get as many chris boylans as u can to set up websites in as many different countries as possible aany way sorry for annoying u oh yeah that asshole president of urs is only a few hundred miles from me i'm scared i feel ...
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