Happy Birthday to Me!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Postby Blog » Thu Dec 11, 03 3:12am

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<p>Today is my birthday. I completed my 25th year on this planet at some point earlier this morning (I think at 9:19 AM, but that time is probably only a result of my parents making up a time so that I'd stop asking them about it.) and I feel only about a day older than I did yesterday. </p>

<p>I find it a bit odd that I only get to say that I am 25 <i>after</i> I have finished my 25th year of breathing, eating and soiling my pants. It would seem to make more sense that while I am completing my 26th rotation around the sun, I should be able to say that <i>I am 26</i>! </p>

<p>Are you looking for a precedent in this case? How about the modern calendar beginning with A.D. 1? It was the first <b>YEAR OF OUR LORD</b> (which is what A.D. means by the way - Anno Domini), and should thus be known as Year One! Ipso facto (what on earth does that even mean?), on this - the day I begin my 26th trip around that beautiful mass of incandescant gas (a gigantic nuclear furnace!), I would like to announce that I am 26 years old!!!!</p>

<p>Wait... but I'm not 26 years old, I'm only <i>in</i> my 26th year. I have only completed 25. So I guess I am 25. </p>

<p>Sorry about all that.</p>
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