Christmas Question

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Christmas Question

Postby chrisboylan » Tue Dec 9, 03 9:35am

hey sorry to keep annoying yall! this is kinda bugging me. i watch a lot of tv and most shows are american anyway my question. why do u guys say happy holidays instead of like merry christmas? uve been watching a host of christmasy tv shows and every time its happy holidays i have yet to here merry christmas. its all happy holidays its really frustrating because i dunno why this is! so if there is a reason please do tell! and if not and its just an american thing dont bother replying.
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Postby Chris » Tue Dec 9, 03 10:07pm

It is more that it is an Irish thing to say Merry Christmas than it is an American thing to say Happy Holidays. Being either Catholic or Protestant in Ireland - for you the Holidays ARE Christmas. However, in America, there are many more religions than Christianity. Like Christianity, they all made up holidays when the days are the shortest.

As a result, the month of December is one of many holidays. To not offend any partcular religion (so that they will all buy whatever is advertised), we wish Happy Holidays - which people interpret as Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa et al. depending on their religion.

Thus, Happy Holidays and not Merry Christmas.
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