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I'm Back

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<p>The Devils lost, sending the Eastern Conference Finals to a sixth game, where the Devils will again have a chance to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.</p>

<p>I drove home (to Michigan) and arrived safely, but tired.</p>

<p>My trip home (to Jersey) netted for me three back checks that will probably finance the purchase of stuff I don't need: Item #1 -- a TurboNet card for TiVo. This will ...
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College Graduation

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<p>Apparently people like to waste money just like me as evidenced by the replies to the last entry. Good to know.</p>

<p>As for now, I haven't been able to write much as I am in Conneticut for my sister's college graduation. She will matriculate from Quinnipiac University this Saturday (not sure if you matriculate or matriculate from - but I liked the word, so it stays). There have been ...
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<p>Somehow, despite the fact I am unemployed and must make a telephone call to an automated phone system every other week to justify my check, I have recently been overcome by the urge to consume, to purchase, to make myself poor through gluttony. Even though I do not have a job, I see the main obstacle to my happiness not my lack of a job (which I rather enjoy), but ...
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Check this out

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<p>I don't know why, but this fascinated me. <a href="">Click here for the time.</a></p>

<p>I also got around to editing the blog template, so it should look a little more like it fits in the site. What do you think? Either comment or contact me - at my newly fixed <a href="">contact page</a></p>
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Damn the air

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<p>Not that you'll notice, but the pages are all working now as far as I can tell. With my slowly but steadily increasing knowledge of web design, I've now discovered server-side includes. This means that each page is made up of four different pages now, one each of the top, left and bottom black strips, and a different one for the white "content" window. Fancy. I can tell ...
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I Am Not THAT Alone

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<p>Quite often, when I am alone for periods of time, I start to get the feeling that not only am I alone physically, but I am alone on a far greater scale. I am alone spiritually and the void will never be filled. That there is no one in this world who will ever understand me... with whom I can connect. </p>

<p>I can honestly say ...
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hennifer lopez

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<p>Thank you Deirdre and Allison for your almost intelligible comment. For those of you who saw South Park this week, you know what they meant. For those who didn't, you missed a classic episode.</p><p>On to other things. I just sat through the entire commercial filled showing of "Let it Ride". (Yes, the period is outside of the quotation - a clear violation of accepted guidelines.) A woefully underappreciated movie, ...
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Welcome One and All

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<p>Well, apparently things are up and working now on my fancy new website. It has begun after many a false start. That is not to say by any means that it is finished. In all likelihood, it will never be finished - not so much due to procrastination as to being a perfectionist. On the wall next to the computer I have a list of (now) 12 ...
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Site Updates

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<p>Still working on the site. I think I'm gonna change the font to Arial, which would have been remarkably easy if I had used style sheets to start. Lesson learned.</p><p>I have posted three clips to the audio page. They are mp3s of bits I produced or in the case of <b>Lunatic Lotto</b>, times in which I was the "street guy". I have many more here at home, but if ...
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Condo News - Kind of

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<p>Well, not much to report on yet, but it looks like I may be shortly selling my condo. Let it be known that on Friday April 25, I was unemployed and owned a condo I couldn't afford (let the record also show that I still like the place, just that I can't afford it - being unemployed and unw***ing to work in Detroit(sub-note: in order to ...
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