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Postby Blog » Thu Dec 11, 03 3:13am

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<p>Thank you Deirdre and Allison for your almost intelligible comment. For those of you who saw South Park this week, you know what they meant. For those who didn't, you missed a classic episode.</p><p>On to other things. I just sat through the entire commercial filled showing of "Let it Ride". (Yes, the period is outside of the quotation - a clear violation of accepted guidelines.) A woefully underappreciated movie, it stands as the highlight of the horse-betting genre. Starring Richard Dreyfuss, this film actually makes perfect use of Mr. Dreyfuss's frenzied overacting - a feat that was once thought impossible. However, the film (which I highly recommend) was only the most recent note in a gambling motif that keeps popping up in my unemployed head.</p>
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