Damn the air

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Damn the air

Postby Blog » Thu Dec 11, 03 3:14am

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<p>Not that you'll notice, but the pages are all working now as far as I can tell. With my slowly but steadily increasing knowledge of web design, I've now discovered server-side includes. This means that each page is made up of four different pages now, one each of the top, left and bottom black strips, and a different one for the white "content" window. Fancy. I can tell you care. They may load faster, though.</p>

<p>Now to the main point: This afternoon, I had a plane ticket to board a flight from Detroit Metro Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport. It was paid for in full. I, however, was playing Madden 2003 on Xbox as I pissed my $200 down the toilet.</p>
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