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Few quick thoughts

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<p>As I indicated before, I think I'm going to focus more on television with this site. Besides allowing me to write about a favorite subject of mine, it also allows me to kind of coast for awhile during the summer doldrums of the small screen. </p>

<p>Not to be deterred, I press on! The reality show that I have always read good reviews about, but never got around ...
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Second Site

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<p>No, not the awful movie starring Val Kilmer (note: voted the actor in Hollywood people least wanted to work with).</p>

<p>Instead, this refers to the second site I am designing. You can check it out at <a href=""></a>. Oh, wait - there's nothing there yet. Ha - ha. But soon there will be pictures and audio and comedy, and maybe even streaming audio of our work. Good times!</p>
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Google Search

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<p>AS I said a long time ago, I'm trying to get my site to the first result when you type in "chris boylan". Unfortunately, due some poor coding on my part - I am nowhere to be found under the search for "chris boylan".</p>

<p>--- HOWEVER !!! --- try searching for "chrisboylan" all one word. I come in first place. Goody for me. If you have a website, I ...
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Alright, so it isn't fully done.

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<p>The first site I am working on, <a href=""></a> is at least online. The design is primitive, but at least functional. Unfortunately my other work has kept me much too busy to spend a lot of time on it. </p>

<p>For the last few weeks, I have built 11 computers from parts ordered through one of the best computer sites online, <a href=""></a>. In addition, ...
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Chris is hungry

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<p>Yes, he is. Very hungry. Too often, when Chris gets busy he forgets to eat. Right now is one of those times. The other sites will be up tonight, and Ill put up the links.</p>
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New Sites are almost up

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<p>I'm nearing the completion of the rough dimensions of the two new sites I'm designing. I will need feedback if that's at all possible. On Monday or Tuesday I will post the links here so you can check them out. Remember though, they are rough designs and should be viewed as such. Mostly what I need though is how they look on different browsers and at ...
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I've Almost Moved In

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<p>At this point I am one carload away from having moved all of my stuff to my new apartment. New for me that is. The apartment itself is older than myself and my soon to be former residence. My computer will be up and all sorts of web fun will begin. Ill put links to the other sites Im designing here and on the links page later ...
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I'm employed

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<p>It turns out I can find a job. Well actually, a job could find me. I will be spending the next year up here in Michigan, working for the Rocky Allen Show in its current incarnation - a nationally syndicated morning radio show. With all due hope, my banishment in the great midwest will be over in twelve months, as we move the show to a site undetermined early ...
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Mea Culpa

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<p>Sorry DD, you are right, I did not properly acknowledge your birthday this Wednesday. On Wednesday, June 18th, my sister, Deirdre, turned - if my math is right - 22 years old. I hope that this public admission of my forgetfulness will in some way abate her looming explosion via telephone. However, she is unaware of one thing that is in my favor. I'm changing both my cell and ...
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Im busy

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<p>Sorry for the infrequent updates, but as I have said, I am very busy. I am currently designing two other websites as well as other technical things and will be remarkably busy for the next few weeks. I will still post to the Blog every other day (hopefully), but my new pictures and design changes are probably going to be a month off or so. As I explained earlier, ...
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