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Great (Long) Article about Social Security

This was in the NY Times Magazine over the weekend. It took me a solid 20 minutes to get through it, but for those who don't understand what the debate is about or are hearing conflicting reports about it, this is definitely a good read. I'm posting the text instead of the link, b/c you'll have to pay for it by Saturday. I bolded some good parts for those who would prefer to skim, b/c ...
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irivium explorer?

just found this site tonite:

i hadn't heard of this thing before. i'm poking around for what people think of it now, but was curious if you had heard anything about it?
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Hey, don't automated posting bots suck?

Yes, they do. I've tried a new little fix which should at least reduce their clutter. We'll see if it works.

It won't do anything to stop them from registering yet, but it should reduce their posting abilities slightly.

Let us cross our fingers and bridge the abyss together.
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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Kissy-fur!!
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Mashed Santa

I know most of us were on vacation for the past few days, but Im bored here. We need more posting. Im not saying that it should be full of logic or reasoning, a simple brain fart will do.

Chris you missed Allison making a Santa out of mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and turkey. I think a piece of a red pepper was used as well. She took pictures, so maybe Stinky will be nice ...
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New website for Blain

Chris..I want a new website designed by you..all for the low price of.... what ever you charge me..thank Blain
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The Amazing Race begins tonight at 9 PM on CBS. I have referred to it at least seven times on this site, but never have given it a full trumpet.


It is everything that reality TV should be, namely: a game show that is far too complex to be held on a lame set, yet not controlled by a bunch of producers. This isn't The Apprentice, where The Donald picks someone based ...
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a few questions

1. What is a TiVo?
2. Why'd y'all re-elect the "unelectable"????
3. Are you going to drive from the east coast to the west coast? cuz im doing that in july with my girlfriend and a detailed route planner could really help!

Your site rocks i'm doing a commercial law assignment at the moment and its keeping me going!
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Eli Manning Starting!

Eli Manning to start rest of season!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

It's about freakin' time. Kurt Warner has been seemingly afraid to throw the ball downfield the last couple games. Right now, there is nothing Kurt Warner can do that Eli can't. If they're gonna suck, you might as well start the new future. Who knows, he might come out gangbusters like Roethlisburger. I doubt it, but it's possible. If they split the next two weeks ...
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OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, SERIOUSLY!!! (said like Cartman)

The Musical. I thought he was dead.
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