a few questions

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a few questions

Postby chrisboylan » Tue Nov 16, 04 12:08pm

1. What is a TiVo?
2. Why'd y'all re-elect the "unelectable"????
3. Are you going to drive from the east coast to the west coast? cuz im doing that in july with my girlfriend and a detailed route planner could really help!

Your site rocks i'm doing a commercial law assignment at the moment and its keeping me going!
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Postby Chris » Tue Nov 16, 04 5:21pm

1) A Tivo is a VCR-like device that records TV to hard-drive instead of a tape. This allows you to record mutlple shows at the same time, watch something while recording, skip through commercials in seconds, burn shows to DVD at high quality (this last one may be illegal). If you want more info, go here for basic info and here for thousands of users showing you how to use it better.

It is one of the greatest inventions of the past 50 years. It will change your lifestyle.

Ask my siblings.

2) I don't think anyone on this site voted for him. Remember how the English booted the Puritans out of their country? Well, they landed here. There is a very large population of devoutly religous people in this country who believe that America is the 'Promised Land' and all of our problems will be solved if we have a leader who has faith in Jesus Christ as our Personal Savior. That since we are God's chosen people, our country is destined for greatness if only we uphold his rules - like no boobies on TV (thank you, Janet Jackson) and definitely none of that dirty gay sex. Especially man-on-man. Ewwww.

So, the Bush people went out to them, who are usually too disgusted by politics to vote and said, "If you don't vote for me, we may not exactly go to Hell, but it will get quite a bit hotter around these parts. Besides, the other guy doesn't want to outlaw gay marriage, so he probably likes it. Ewwww."

Those people came out in droves. Throw in addle-minded suburban Moms and Dads who fear the threat of terrorism in the outlying greater Omaha, Nebraska region - who for reasons unknown think this idiot will save them because after 9/11 he didn't begin sobbing uncontrollably.

People most affected by terrorism, like California, New York, New Jersey, Washington State, Washington D.C. - they all voted for Kerry.

Another factor was that Kerry ran almost the worst campaign possible against a President that the country didn't want again. Not until Clinton's people got involved did it even become a race. Read more. I recommend it, it's a great read.

3) I took the trip in April/May, so I would gladly give advice and route and such. You can check the image gallery for some pictures as well as the blog/forum for posts around that time. If you're serious, reply back and I'll sketch something out for you over the next week.
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Postby bitsy » Tue Nov 16, 04 9:04pm

i dont' understand why Kerry didn't call out Bush on so many things. Like when Bush kept calling himself pro-life when he was excuting people left and right in Texas, or that he voted against 87 billion dollars for the war because Bush wouldn't roll back the tax cut to pay for it. I didn't realize that was why he voted against it until I saw Howard Dean debate William Bennett at my school, and Howard Dean yelled (not surprisingly) Kerry's reasoning to William Bennett. Kerry just seemed to sit there taking the punches. Instead he kept babbling about taxes and the fact that he "had a plan" for the war and healthcare.

And somewhere on jim norton's website there's a map of north america, naming our country "jesusland". it thought it was pretty funny. i think deirdre has it if you want to see it.
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Postby dd » Tue Nov 16, 04 10:57pm

its not Jim norton, it's Patton Oswald.

And it's right here: http://www.pattonoswalt.com/ht/spew_nov.html#110504

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seacrest out!
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