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Postby Chris » Tue Nov 16, 04 11:51pm

The Amazing Race begins tonight at 9 PM on CBS. I have referred to it at least seven times on this site, but never have given it a full trumpet.


It is everything that reality TV should be, namely: a game show that is far too complex to be held on a lame set, yet not controlled by a bunch of producers. This isn't The Apprentice, where The Donald picks someone based on their ability to draw in further ratings. Rather, it's straight forward - whoever comes in last is out. There are no councils to vote someone out. You either get it done, or you don't.

If you miss it tonight, it replays on Saturday at 8PM. TiVo it or whatever, I promise you that there is no better reality show on TV. It's actually closer to watching sports in that you get so involved in rooting for one team and you watch from the edge of your seat, especially as the season goes on.

Don't believe me?

Check out The Star-Ledger's review.

P.S. I thought I submitted this at 3PM today, but apparently not. Don't worry, you can catch the episode Saturday at 8PM.
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