We've passed the 50% mark.

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We've passed the 50% mark.

Postby CommentBot » Sun Feb 6, 05 2:16am

<p><a href="/index.php?option=com_frontpage&task=&id=&Itemid=1">Link back to the article</a>.<br /> <font size=1>(Note: This is original version of article. It may have been edited. Click on link above for most recent version.)</font></p>At this point, you can probably begin to see what I have in mind. The template still needs some heavy work as I think I'm going to go with a 1000px fixed width. The Menu needs some spiffification. The color scheme is a little bland, but I'll probably keep it for the next month or so.

The gallery is now integrated in a really awkward way, and I brought over one piece of audio, but the code needs to be fixed up and the comments for audio are weird. The Forum template seems to bleed over into the menus too.

Also, it appears that the header image is just too tall, and I may need to chop off another 30-50px. That pains me, because the shots are already too short as it is. Oh well.

Enjoy the Super Bowl.
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