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Postby Blog » Sun Jun 13, 04 6:46pm

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<p>Yes, it's too late to make anybody watch it, but the season finale of <a href="">Deadwood</a> is on HBO tonight at 10PM and at 8PM the best show on television, <a href="">The Wire</a>, returns for an encore of Season 2 at 8PM. Don't worry, if you miss it, it will rerun Saturday night on HBO2. Make sure you catch the best-written and Peabody award-winning drama as it reruns last season as a ramp up to the new third season in a few months. </p>

<p>Also, Deadwood has impressed mightily after meandering a bit after the first few episodes. I have high hopes for tonight's episode, which will be watched with quick flipovers to the Pistons-Lakers. Go Pistons!</p>

<p>I'm also headed home (Jersey) tomorrow for two days of satellite installation and TiVo hacking. There's also a little thing about Allison (my youngest sister) graduating from high school, but I will not be distracted.</p>
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