Turd Sandwhich

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Turd Sandwhich

Postby dd » Wed Nov 3, 04 12:48pm

http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtm ... ction=news

I think if we all move together, we can get a group rate on the moving van.

this makes dd a saaaaaaad panda. :cry:
Your agenda of hope just made me shit my pants. -Jon Stewart
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Postby bitsy » Thu Nov 4, 04 1:09pm

This is something i found in my friend's profile, it made me giggle:

Today we salute you Mr. George W. Bush voter. While others are at the polls making educated, fact based decisions about their candidates, you are relying on Karl Rove, the bible, and fat rich white men who are afraid of change for political advice. The only thing we know for sure about Bush is his inablity to form complete sentences. John Kerry may be scared of footballs but at least he wasnt scared of the Vietnam War. So crack open an ice cold Bud Light Republican retard and get your head out of your ass bc thanks to you America is FUCKED FUCKED FUCKED.
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