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To-Do List

Postby Blog » Thu Feb 5, 04 12:58pm

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<p>One of the repeating themes in my life is that I have all these goals and ideas of things I want to do or achieve. However, they often occur to me while I am busy, so I write them down so that I will get to them when I have the time.</p>

<p>Only one problem... even when I have the time, I find myself putting off these things that I later wish I had spent time on.</p>

<p>For instance... this site. Every night when I go to sleep, I think of a million things I want to write. Then, I wake up... and put it off for awhile. Then I plan to write something, but can't come up with any great ideas, so I put it off. Next, of course, it starts to become too late, so I postpone it until tomorrow, when I can dedicate the proper amount of time. </p>

<p>I find myself doing this with phone calls to family and friends as well. I want to call people and talk, but I don't have the time that they deserve, so I push it off until later, when I can set aside the proper amount of time to do the job right. That perfect period never comes, which only makes the call that much more important, which requires even more time, which never comes. Rinse. Repeat.</p>

<p>Well, at least I've got this server stuff underway, so I can end the paralysis of analysis that has been swamping me the past few days. Now that I've just gone ahead and done it, I can no longer waste hours thinking about whether or not I should pick up more bandwidth. Next, I am going to prove to myself that I can both design a good website and invest wisely in the stock/options market. Good luck to me.</p>
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