This is my 50th entry!

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This is my 50th entry!

Postby Blog » Thu Dec 11, 03 3:40am

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<p>Well, I certainly thought my interest would have waned by now, but look at me! I'm still typing!</p><p>Anyway, the reason for the week gap in entries has to do with the hectic nature of the last week at work. Starting Monday, <a href="">The Rocky Allen Show</a> - the place of my employ, will begin broadcasting live to our two newest affiliates. Unfortunately, if you do not live in Abilene, TX or Billings, MT you will not be able to hear this over the air. You will, however, be able to hear us over the internet - live from 6-10 AM ET. Check us out, we kinda know what we're doing.</p><p>Also, in case you haven't noticed, the Giants take on the St. Louis Rams on Sunday. I expect Big Blue to emerge victorious - they are very underrated and the Rams are overrated. I'd type more on the situation, but not now.</p><p>However, I will give a season prediction for the Giants' record. 12-4, and NFC East champions. They'll be in the running for home-field advantage, but it's way too early to guess if they'll get it. It's going to be an exciting year.</p>
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