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Stocks and plans

Postby Blog » Sat Apr 17, 04 3:46am

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<p>Today was expiration day in the options world, meaning the day that comes once a month when options have to be exercised or they expire worthless. Basically, it is time to take a look at how you are doing and make a few trades.</p>

<p>After one month, I made about $200 on one covered call on <a href="">IMM</a>. Through a freak occurence, OptionsXpress accidentally closed my covered call before I wanted to, but to my luck, I bought back the option at the low price for the day and then watched the stock climb $1.25. Since I have 100 shares, that's $125 for me on top of the $100 I made on the covered call itself. Good times. I've already had stuff like that bite me in the ass, so I'm glad it turned out well for me this time. </p>

<p>In addition, I legged into another good one, for <a href="">OSIP</a>. I wrote another covered call on this one with the May 40. Currently trading at $36.20, I sold <a href="">GHUEH</a> at $3.40. What does this mean? I own 100 shares of OSIP at $3620. I make or lose a dollar for evey penny it goes up or down until it reaches $40 a share, and then I make nothing above that. I also make a dollar for every penny that the option premium, GHUEH at $3.40 goes down. The premium is the entire option price if the stock is below $40, and (Stock price - 40 + option price) if it's above $40.</p>

<p>Confusing? A little. But I make $340 if the stock stays flat for a month, I break even if the stock goes down to $32.80, and I make $720 if it finishes the month above $40. So now, I sit and wait for May 21st.</p>

<p>In addition, the reason I'm taking safer investments, like covered calls, is that the road trip will be keeping me from obsessively checking on my stocks for over two weeks. It looks most definite that we will not be back until a full two weeks after we leave, as opposed to the 11 days we originally thought. What does that mean? We miss another softball game and have a pair of Strokes tickets to unload. Call Amber if you want them.</p>

<p>The good news is that it looks like we're going to hit a lot of cool stuff. I'm almost done uploading my picture backlog, so I'll be ready to send up the new ones from the road. Amber and I also plan to have detailed financial records for reference if others want to make the trip later. This will be a fully online event. T-minus 9 days and counting.</p>
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