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<p><a href="/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=39&Itemid=50">Link back to the article</a>.<br /> <font size=1>(Note: This is original version of article. It may have been edited. Click on link above for most recent version.)</font></p><p>In order to pay for my necessities - like food, computers and DirecTV - I have worked in Radio for the past 8 years.</p>
<p>I currently live in Fayetteville, NC, where I moved to be the Co-Host of the Kix 106.9 Morning Crew. Before that, I was Producer of the <a href="">Rocky Allen Show</a> for its New York, Detroit and Syndicated incarnations. During my tenures I have been responsible for many things, including: on-air host, booking guests, writing, voicing, and producing wacky comedy bits, being "the street guy", and maintaining show and station web sites.</p>
<p><strong>Want to hear what I did?</strong> Then click on the
links below.</p>
<p><strong>WARNING!</strong> - It may take 10-15 seconds to download file before it starts playing over a cable/DSL/network connection.</p>
<h3 style="text-align:center; text-decoration:underline;"><a href="/ChrisBoylanWebResume.doc">Download My Resume</a></h3>
<hr />
<h4 style="text-align:center;">Demo</h4>
<li><a href="">Demo</a> <br />
This is a hodge-podge of stuff I've done, including on-air, production, bits (written and voiced), and street clips. Some parts are included in long-form on this page.</li>
<h4 style="text-align:center;">Sidekick Comedy (Sitting down and being funny in the studio)</h4>
<ul><li><a href="">Carneys</a><br />
While everyone loves a carnival, no one really wants to be a Carney when they grow up. Instead, they want to grow up and get a job that lets them point and laugh at the carney-folk. (Voices are Rocky Allen and Me - Rocky's the deep one)</li>
<li><a href="">Old Man Climbs Mt. Everest</a><br />
Sometimes, sitting in the studio means dropping a one-liner. (Voices: Rocky and Me)</li>
<li><a href="">Winona Ryder and Pete Yorn</a><br />
Other times, sitting in the studio means dropping a half-liner. (Voices: Rocky and Me)</li>
<h4 style="text-align:center;">Produced Bits (Coming up with a dumb idea, then making others listen to it)</h4>
<li><a href="">Saddam the Musical</a><br />
Saddam Hussein wrote a romance novel that was turned into a play in Baghdad. Rocky said there was no way I could write a funny bit about a Saddam Hussein musical, so I proved him wrong. (Voices: Rocky, Blain Ensley, Me | Bit: Voices: Shawn, Jackie Gilbert, and Me | Writing and Production: Me)</li>
<li><a href="">Funny, Not Funny</a><br />
I didn't voice this little gem, but I did write it and am responsible for it running quickly astray. (Voice: Scott Vertical | Writing, Production: Me) </li>
<li><a href="">The Crisis in the Middle Ear</a><br />
Blain thought of this one after seeing too many CNN graphics with "Crisis in the Middle East". We laughed at the idea, so I wrote a bit. (Voices: Shawn and Me | Writing and Production: Me)</li>
<li><a href="">Beach Report</a><br />
One day in January, it got up to 50 degrees in Detroit, so I wrote and produced this beach report for all those who caught the spring fever. (Voices: Shawn and Rocky | Bit: Me)</li>
<h4 style="text-align:center;">Man on the Street (Armed with a cell phone and no real plan)</h4>
<ul><li><a href="">Lunatic Lotto</a><br />
As the "Big Game" multi-state lottery grew bigger, we decided to get our numbers from someone who heard voices. (Studio: Rocky and Blain | Phone: Me and Rudolph)</li>
<li><a href="">Post Office Pennies</a><br />When the price of stamps went from 34 to 37 cents, I took action and handed out pennies at the Post Office. (Studio: Rocky and Blain | Phone: Me and others)</li>
<li><a href="">Approach the Bench</a><br />
From our studios at WDVD, we often watched the unwashed lounge around on the park benches. So, we created a game (like the Match Game) where a caller had to finish the phrase in the same way as one of these park dwellers for 3 out of 5 questions. (Studio: Rocky and Blain | Phone: Me and Mackey)</li>
<h4 style="text-align:center;">Bumpers and Phone Solicits (We always did all of our own prodcution for the show)</h4>
<ul><li><strong><a href="">Phone Solicits:</a></strong><br />
Above are four solicitations for callers. The Rocky Allen Show was very caller driven, so we wanted funny and unique signals to notify listners it was time to call. Just click on a number to hear one of mine.</li>
<li><strong><a href="">Bumpers:</a></strong> <br />
Above are four bumpers. We also tried to cram a little comedy in any place we could find it to strengthen TSL. Just click on a number to hear one of mine. (Voice on #1 is Shawn Polito, our news person) </li>
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