Ron and Liz Away!!! ...maybe.

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Ron and Liz Away!!! ...maybe.

Postby Blog » Tue Oct 12, 04 5:25am

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<p>Ron and Liz are hopefully on their way home to the big MI after spending a spendiferous weekend here in the NC. (Referring to states by their postal codes... catch the fever... treat it with antibiotics...) We did very little this weekend in the exciting department, but we did watch Saved! and Super Size Me! I'm not sure if both of those movies end in exclamation points, but they should. </p>

<p>Needless to say, they were both very good. Saved was pretty funny, but Mandy Moore's character was just a little thin. I mean, I think most of us know someone like that, but it's just creepy to think that someone could be so shallow. I think I would have preferred a little complexity more than just "she's the Prom Queen, but very Christian". </p>

<p>Super Size Me was funny, because a month of fast food almost killed him. He almost had to call off the experiment three weeks in because his liver was failing. Also, if you get the DVD, check the extras for the "Smoking Fry". It's a great little piece on the make-up of McDonald's Fries versus real fries.</p>

<p>It looks like we're going to do this internet show live on Wednesday, but I don't have any more details at this point. I'm sure you won't get any here.</p>

<p>Finally, the Giants are 4-1. 4-1!!! And there's a pretty decent chance that they'll go 11-5. Holy crap. And to think I'd written the season off. I guess this just shows that the problem wasn't Ernie Accorsi, but Jim Fassell.</p>

<p>P.S. Posted another new MP3 in the <a href="">Kix Audio</a> section of the gallery. As always, I appreciate any feedback.</p>
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