Ranchero Countdown

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Ranchero Countdown

Postby dd » Sun Aug 28, 05 3:11pm

Why is it that on some of the Lovelines that I have on my iPod, rather than hearing commercials, they play the Mexican National Anthem?

Adam's Show is getting better. He's more relaxed.

Gotta run it's Grandma's Birthday Party downstairs. Good times.
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Postby Chris » Fri Sep 9, 05 1:47am

It's because the show was recorded off an internet stream. Due to some total BS, stations can't play commercials on the radio without paying absurd fees, so they just put in filler til they get back from break. Thus, the Mexican National Anthem.

I'm like three months behind on Loveline. I guess I'll catch up when Adam leaves for his long rumored Stern takeover on the West Coast.
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