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Postby Blog » Thu Jun 10, 04 11:11pm

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<p>I had hoped by now to have been updating the move to Fayetteville in much more detail, but between Time Warner Cable's reluctance to install my cable modem, the simultaneous failure of the garbage disposal and dishwasher, and this whole new job thing, I've been a little busy. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to be on the "KIX 106.9 Morning Show" subbing in for L.A., the co-host who is on vacation. Traci, the female host (and station APD) and I will be on from vaugely 5:30 to a bit after 9ish. It's not a really stringent format. </p>

<p>There's four talk breaks an hour of two to three minutes. Seeing as how I lucked out by starting working on a country station, a highly patriotic format, on the national day of mourning for the man who revitalized patriotism in this country, I can't think of a better time to expose people to my mildy amusing ramblings. Yeah, so that should be full of yuks. Thankfully, management has set their level of expectations stultifyingly low. Hopefully, I can live up to them.</p>

<p>Now... to sleep. It's tough getting up at 4AM after six months of getting up at noon. </p>

<p>P.S. I haven't responded to any emails yet, so I'll get back to everybody this weekend. </p>
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