Planes and Delaware

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Planes and Delaware

Postby Blog » Tue Dec 23, 03 4:13am

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<p>As you may or may not know, on Friday my brother was lucky enough to be doing play-by-play for the University of Delaware Blue Hens as they captured the NCAA Div I-AA Football Championship. They did so in decisive fashion - which would make you think he had a good time. But apparently, he was held up somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 hours waiting for a plane to take him home to school so he could pack and drive the four hours home. The worst part is that apparently, he never really got a straight answer as to the why of the delay - it was a charter hired by U of D. Something involving the football team wanting breakfast, followed by a missing part, followed by an airport security staff that got off work at 9PM - and as a result, he had to be checked in to the airport at 9 when his flight didn't leave until 1AM.</p>

<p>Alright, that's all confusing (especially a security staff that just leaves when its shift is over - kind of defeating the whole purpose of security), but it gives me a great opportunity to wax about my airline experiences/recommendations.</p>

<p>Everybody always hurries to get on the flight as soon as their seat is called. Why? So you can sit longer? They will always find a place for your carry-on - an besides, if it can't fit under the seat in front of you - check it in, don't carry it on. Plus, when you get on last, you can see the clumps of empty seats and then sit where you feel like as opposed to the assigned seat next to Smelly the Magnificent.</p>

<p>There's more here... I just can't find it right now.</p>

<p>Why am I always petrified that if I recline my seat I'm going to wildly offend the person behind me, and yet the person in front certainly has none of the same reservations? I guess I'm just timid. </p>

<p>Wow. This has kind of turned into a Larry King column... For my money, there's no one quite like Ben Vereen... Lord of the Rings? I say Lord of the Box Office Swings!... If I could have a car, it would be a convertible, unless I lived someplace cold. Then I would get a car that would keep my frog-face warm. Like one with a really good heater! (I hate Larry King - he couldn't interview his way out of a wet paper bag.)</p>

<p>Oh, and I got on the plane today to return to my parents' place in Jersey. Happy Holidays.</p>
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