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Postby Blog » Thu Dec 11, 03 3:42am

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<p>As you may or may not have noticed, two days ago I installed a new photo gallery (coppermine). You can get to it the same way you got to the images before, by clicking on the "Images" link to the left. I'll be adding captions to all of the pictures over the next few weeks, hopefully an album or two a week. When I finish, I'll add some other pictures I've had lurking around my computer as well.</p>

<p>On another note, I'm considering installing a message board to the site, mostly just to see how it works. It would allow anyone who registered (by submitting an email address and creating a password) to post whatever they wanted and for discussions to continue without my prompting. Basically, it would let the inmates run the asylum. It's something I'm in favor of (asylums), but I am interested in whether or not it would be used.</p>

<p>Thus, please comment here or email me with your thoughts or wishes in regards to this. I've noticed the daily hits to this site have been increasing over the past few months and I want to encourage this. </p>
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crazy sideburns

Postby aut33_99 » Wed Dec 24, 03 1:14pm

Christopher-you are a deceiver! I thought that those pictures of you in college were real until my sister informed me of the truth. The photoshop sideburns and goatee - you are very tricky!! You should try to grow them sometime - they actually looked kinda cool. Merry Christmas!!

Postby Chris » Fri Dec 26, 03 3:52am

Never trust a photograph. I actually explained that the photos were doctored in the caption, but I lost all of the captions in a recent upgrade. The good news is that if you register for the forum, the registration will also work for comments in the photo gallery - and give you a free small gallery! Yes, you can post your own pictures in my photo galley if you register for the forum here.

The bad news is that I have to sort through a database to find the captions and re-enter them. Soon, I think this will happen. I also have about 50 photos on my desk waiting to be scanned.

And me with sideburns/mutton chops will happen some day when I know that I will not need to meet with anyone important for awhile.
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