Only days remain

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Only days remain

Postby Blog » Fri Apr 23, 04 3:50am

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<p>Again, both until the NFL Draft on Saturday and until Amber's and my departure on Monday. If you haven't checked the forum in the last day, a flurry of activity erupted in relation to the possibility that the Giants may trade up to the first overall pick in the draft. I think it is not an overstatement that the next five to ten years of the Giants hang in the balance between now and Saturday at 12:45 (When the fourth pick hits the clock). Throw in some championship boxing at night (The non-sucky Klitschko brother vs. Corrie Sanders - the current belt holder who beat the sucky Klitschko brother for some heavyweight belt. I'm not sure which one as the heavyweight division sucks.) on HBO and day 2 of the draft on Sunday and it's a beautiful sports weekend.</p>

<p>Sometime during that weekend, Amber and I have to firm up our somewhat shaky plans over the next two weeks. A PD out in CA has expressed some serious interest in talking to Amber for an afternoon shift, so we might be stopping there. I have two cousins who live near San Fran, Brian Whitman in LA, and no hotel reservations after Coachella. Good times. </p>

<p>However, we (Jackie, Jeff, Emily, Amber and I) saw another band that is now a must-see at Coachella. Muse played a free show at St. Andrew's Thursday night and put on one hell of a show. We were all really impressed with their performance, both musically and entertainment wise. Their light show was way more than expected for such a small venue. They had an arena-sized light show in a place that holds about 750 to 1,000 people. The crowd was into it (thankfully, we missed the mosh pit by viewing from the balcony) and the sound was surprisingly good. It wasn't even that loud as I often complain.</p>

<p>The only drawback was that it was a free concert, so we got there at 7:30 for an 8:00 show to make sure we got in. After freezing outside for about 45 minutes, they let us in, so we could look at an empty stage. An opener showed up after awhile, followed by some roadies fidgeting with stuff, and then Muse. First song: 10:30 PM. Are you kidding me? Three hours of waiting around? I would have much rather paid $15 and gotten my three hours back. Not to mention finishing at 11:45 on what was clearly a school night for most of the audience of this all ages show. </p>

<p>Well it's a busy weekend upcoming as I must finish the site preparations for the trip. I'm still undecided as to a title, but I like the suggestions. I'll pick something by Sunday.</p>

<p>Until then, please take a look at <a href="/index2.php">my new index page</a>. It's still a bit buggy, but I'd love any input you guys might have, as well as anything that looks messed up. Hopefully it will be ready before I leave.</p>
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Postby Matt » Fri Apr 23, 04 12:02pm

Damn, I forgot about that Muse show last night.

Do you think that if the Giants get Eli he will be able to handle the New York press. I say this because he's such a southern redneck and I don't know if he will be able to handle the big city reporters. I mean Payton can hardly handle interviews and he's in Indy.Just thought I'd see what a hardcore Giants fan thinks.

Postby Chris » Fri Apr 23, 04 12:21pm

I don't know if he can, but apparently his father sure thinks so. They're willing to take less money to go to NY than to stay and bask in the San Diego sunshine, so they think there is something good there.

As for the ferocity of the NY press, it's overrated. Like all sports reporters, NY sports reporters all want to be athletes, they're just not talented enough. I say that having been one. I would much prefer to be on the field, but I'm 5'8', 165lbs - not exactly prime, muscle-bound material.

They rarely say anything mean in press conferences or in the locker room. They occasionally take out the ball bat for the back pages of the tabloids, but they never do it to your face. As long as he doesn't read the sports pages every day, he'll be fine. And if he's funny, he'll be King of NY .
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