Oh Sweet Jesus!

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Oh Sweet Jesus!

Postby Blog » Sat Apr 24, 04 4:31am

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<p>In my hasty attempt to update the site before I left for the Road Trip, I mangled everything for a few hours. Good times. I seem to have sorted it all out for now, but please tell me of any problems you might be having. You can post them in the <a href="/forum/">Forum</a>.</p>

<p>The basic quirks are that user information (your avatar, posts, the last time you visited) are all being pulled through to other pages. Not a big deal... yet. For now, when you enter the main page, if you are logged in from last time (click the "Log Me in Automatically" check box in the forum login) it will tell you how many posts have been made since your last visit, and it will let you see them all in one click. To come: Posts from other people's blogs, checked against your last login time. Don't worry, it will be cool.</p>

<p>My biggest problem is that the blog area (for various reasons) could not be updated like the rest of the site. So suck it up. It's not a bad thing for now, as the pictures on the left may be better when I start adding a bunch from the trip.</p>

<p>I so should be asleep right now, because the draft starts at noon and it promises to be a wild one for the Giants. So I think I shall.</p>
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