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New digs

Postby dd » Fri Mar 5, 04 12:33am

the site looks pimp-tastic. I dig the 70's neon name as the title banner. The tabs at the top are hella hotness, and the photos on the left would be even cooler if you put up the ones from NYC. BY the way, since I have no idea how options work, can I give you some money to play with for me? Smurf yeah!

The end.

PS 39 days until Im in Las Vegas.
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Postby Chris » Fri Mar 5, 04 1:27am

Much thanks on the site comments. As I wrote in my blog, I've been working on it for awhile. When the forum I've been working on for went up earlier tonight, I knew I had to flip it over, since I was going to be getting a lot more hits (I'm linked to from their main page.)

As for options, I will be teaching a class to the Boylan brood over the summer with Mom. I'm guessing you, Brendan and Allison may be interested as well. If you want some info now, ask Mom for the DVDs I gave her. There are 8 hour-long sessions that explain everything in much better ways that I can.
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