New Blog Forum Info !!!!!

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New Blog Forum Info !!!!!

Postby Chris » Thu Dec 11, 03 4:23am

At this point, this is the best place to view my blog and its comments. My blog was the main source of content/stuff on my old site - but times, they are achangin'.

At some point, I will be integratign the old blog into the Mambo site, but until then, you can view them here or at the original location,

Just so you all know, the old comments still remain on the blog pages themselves, but all future comments will end up here. A few things to keep in mind:

1. The order of the blog entries in the forum is not the same as when they were typed. The forum lists posts in the order of the most recently replied.

2. The date and time associated with the entries is not necessarily reflective of the date entered. An entry doesn't actually make over to the forum until somebody clicks on the "view forum" link on the Blog page.

3. This means that the most recent entry may not yet be in the forum. Check the first.

4. No one can start a post in the Blog section, you can only reply. If you want to start a new post, use the Main Forum.

5. Anyone can reply, even if they have not signed in. -- However, by Registering and Logging In, you get the post credited to your account and you get to use your cool picture, signature, etc.
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