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Postby Blog » Sun May 30, 04 12:39pm

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<p>There won't be much in the way of updates here as Amber and I frantically pack for our quickly approaching move. Give me a week or so as I close up shop here in Michigan and reopen back down in North Carolina. I plan on being up and running shortly - or as shortly as Time Warner installs my modem. I'm extremely psyched as my internet connection speed will increase from 768/128Kb to 3M down/ 384 Kb upstream. I'm actually happier with the upstream than the down as it will make web publishing remarkably quicker.</p>

<p>In other news, my neck is almost normal now, and will hopefully be 100% by Wednesday, when Amber and I have to load the truck. I started wearing a neck brace, which has helped my neck but reduced my already disturbingly low sexy quotient to a non-existant number. </p>

<p>And the new server is ready to roll, but I will delay the change until after I get to NC. All accounts will receive an email explaining everything just before it's ready to flip over.</p>

<p>Off to pack!!!</p>
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Postby dd » Mon Jun 7, 04 12:35am

hi all,

I talked to Chris today. Both he and Amber are alive and in NC. There was a slight error with the DSL guy so they are sans DSL until at least Wednesday. After that Im sure he has a lot to post about.

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