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More pictures coming

Postby Blog » Fri May 14, 04 8:21am

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<p>I'm wading through the last of the pictures. I've sorted through another 200 and have the same to go. Good thing we had a digital camera. They aren't posted yet. Maybe by tomorrow.</p>

<p>In the meantime, stop and enjoy the useless Google Ads in the middle of my front page. Just a test run here. It will soon be much less conspicuous.</p>

<p>Catching up on 16 days worth of BS is keeping us busy. Filed for unemployment the other day. It can be done over the web now, so it isn't nearly the horror it was last time. I'm almost disappointed to not be stuck in a room with a hundred of my closest friends who also had the great fortune of being fired or laid off. Lots of health insurance garbage as well as job applications. </p>

<p>On a good note, despite an unexpected slide in one trade, I'm up over 13% the past two months in the options market. That works out to about 80% a year, which means I'm about on target. The goal is a million dollars by age 35 - which if any of you knew me back in high school or college - I'm sure I told you it was my goal back then as well. I didn't think it would really happen, but look... here I am. Unemployed. In Detroit. And on my way to wild riches. </p>
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